Managed Care Advisory Board Development in support of new product placement and expanded indications.

CME Programs and Speakers' Training for the managed care audience.

Task Force created to develop and present a consensus concept document to NCQA's Committee for Performance Measurement (CPM) in support of its preparing and adopting a new disease management measure.

Clinical Slide Lecture Kits for use in internal communications by company researchers, and in external communications by physician consultants.

Sales Training Materials for the launch of a new drug, including different versions for US and International markets.

Managed Care Newsletter to promote the exchange of information between customers, company sales representatives, and the product management team.

Patient Evaluation Forms for use by both office- and hospital-based physicians across 16 specialty audiences. These forms facilitate both 'General History and Physical' record-keeping, as well as disease-specific evaluations.

Market Feasibility Studies to evaluate the commercial viability of several new drug concepts. These projects included research among managed care, institutional, and consumer targets.

Internet-based Research to determine the availability of both professional- and patient-oriented resources in the field of nephrology.

Physician Research to define the optimal positioning and brand identity for a new dermatology drug.

Marketing Intelligence Backgrounders to support potential new market evaluation and feasibility analyses.