THE WELLINGTON GROUP is a Medical Education & Communications company providing innovative clinical education, managed care, and sales training support services to the healthcare industry since 1988.

Kathy and Gabor Osvath, Principals, have broad experience in key areas of the pharmaceutical industry (in both US and international markets) including pharmaceutical sales and marketing, product management, medical advertising, medical projects, video production, and both primary and secondary market research.

We specialize in developing and managing both pre-approval and postlaunch medical communications projects, and our expertise is focused on providing the following core services:

Medical Education: Print and interactive CD-ROM-based sales training materials; clinical slide lecture programs; CME programs for physicians; patient education programs; clinical video and audiotape production.

Peer-to-Peer Communications: Management of speakers' programs and development of clinical slide presentations; P&T Committee and managed care formulary presentations.

Strategic Marketing: Primary and secondary market research; new product commercialization and feasibility analyses; product positioning and competitive strategy consulting; outcomes research; and disease management strategies.


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